This though.

yea this.

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Something not many people have, so many seek for it, travel miles to find it. However, I am one of the luckiest because I have a better half who commits her life to me. A promise ring is more than enough to symbolise this to me, but I don’t need anything to prove it. The way she looks at me, like I’m a work of art. The way her face lights up when she sees me. The way she’ll hold my hand in front of her friends and family, to show me off to them, she isn’t ashamed. Nearly nine full months of pure treasury has been spent together, in one another’s lives. The commitment we share? It’s beyond belief. The way I trust her and she trusts me. The way 82 miles between us never stops our love. The way we both get butterflies every time we get reunited. I know that love is between us and I know she loves me just as much as I love her. NO ONE has understood me more nor better than she does, ever before. No one has ever made me feel loved and special. I owe you my all and everything, for our life time. Eternally.





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No matter how much I know and believe you love me, whenever I say it, I always want to hear you say each word back to me.

I love you



girl gangs make me swoon so hard

how rad is to have a girl gang

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